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Tea Types

Green Tea


 Identifying the health benefits of green tea has been the focus of more  than 500 research studies conducted in recent years. In Asia, this  smooth, delicate brew has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands  of years. 

Oolong Tea – Wu-Long Tea


Wu-long tea (more commonly referred to as oolong tea) originated in  the Fukien province of China. It is a fruity medium-bodied brew that  combines attributes of both black and green tea varieties.

Recognized  as the most fragrant of all varieties, oolong tea has a flavor that  echos the freshness of green tea (only without the tinge of bitterness)  and a rich aroma characteristic of black tea blends.

Black Tea


Black tea is the most widely consumed tea in the Western world.  Enjoyed both hot and over ice, this robust, savory beverage ranges from  flowery and fruity to spicy and nutty.   

This favored tea  features a deep reddish-brown hue and  full-bodied taste that results from an extensive oxidation process once  the leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, are harvested. The leaves  may be blended with fruits, flower petals, or natural flavorings  to add a unique taste  to the brew.

White Tea


Research reveals a host of white tea benefits that help address  health-related concerns. This has increased demand for the sweet,  delicate tasting brew. 

Studies indicate the tea's natural  properties can help boost immune systems, prevent dental plaque  build-up, provide possible colon cancer protection, and help guard  against skin cell damage. 

Amaretto Flavored Tea


You will enjoy amaretto flavored tea if you like  sipping tea and  find the  taste of almonds highly appealing. The blend has a delightful  velvety taste. Its rich flavor makes  the brew an ideal choice for an after-dinner tea or quenching iced  beverage on a hot day.

You can find this sweet almond tea at specialty tea shops, gourmet food stores and even on your next trip to the supermarket.

Chai Tea

 Spices typically include cinnamon, cloves, fennel, ginger, nutmeg, black  pepper, and cardamom. According to ancient Indian health practices, the  deliberate mix of spices helps to calm the mind and revitalize the  spirit. In addition, chai is said to promote healthy digestion. There  are many variations in recipes based on the area of the world and a  drinker’s individual taste. 

Puerh Tea


Robust and earthy yet mellow and smooth, puerh tea (pronounced  "POO-air" and sometimes spelled pu-erh or puer) is the most complex tea  in the world. Tea aficionados love the rich, multi-layered flavors,  while casual tea drinkers enjoy the smoky quality that separates it from  other blends. 

In Asia, some blends go for several thousands of dollars. Tea  connoisseurs seek the aged varieties, prizing them as others would an  aged Scotch. Lucky for the rest of the world, the sought-after tea,  is  available at every price point.

Iced Tea


A  refreshing glass of iced tea is a treat year round. Black tea is most  often recommended for brewing iced tea, though, you can make delicious  unsweetened or sweet tea from almost any variety or blend of tea you  prefer.  Iced tea from freshly brewed loose leaf tea yields a more  flavorful beverage than an iced tea recipe that calls for using tea  bags.

The quality of bulk or loose leaf tea is higher than the  teas typically used in pre-packaged tea bags. That's why tea brewed with  loose leaf tea is better tasting and garners greater health benefits.

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